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Double & Single Pane Glass

Double pane or single pane, which glass is better?

Thinking of renovating your space and going with glass interiors? You might have heard of single pane and double pane glass then and can be confused with what to choose and what's best for your abode.

We are here to simplify the difference between single pane glass and double pane glass. Single pane windows are made with a single layer of glass, while double pane windows have two layers with space in between.

A single pane will cost you less when you compare it to a double pane. But a double pane will save you costs later.

A double-pane provides better insulation because of two layers, while a single pane won't provide you with that.

Double pane provides an energy-efficient solution and saves you a couple of bucks on your energy bill.

Contact us to get a quote. If you're still not sure about which window to choose from, we are here to help!

We can help you make a firm decision about choosing from the single pane and double pane windows as per your requirements. Contact us to get a quote now.

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